Trailer and Truck Brakes

TRP has all the parts for trailers and heavy truck brakes:

  • Front brakes and drums
  • Brakes and rear drums
  • Parking brakes
  • Brake springs
  • Camshaft (video)
  • Master cylinder of brakes
  • Power brakes
  • Air compressor
  • ABS brakes
  • Disc brakes

Whatever the purpose of your heavy truck or the number of axles of your trailer, whether for a bus or even a RV, we have the brake parts you need.

S-Cam for Trailer Brakes and Heavy Trucks

Camshaft for heavy truck trailler brakesThe TRP S-Cam is extremely well designed and is very high quality. It is very important in the braking system. Its inductively hardened head is reinforced because the wear is greater on this part. The flutes are rolled in the tree and not trimmed. A 12-month national warranty is offered on this part. When replacing the S-Cam, it is advisable to also change the slack adjuster and the brake springs. This ensures long-term viability.